Soul Sojourners

Well, what draws a person to a certain place anyway? And what determines exactly the right time to actually be in that certain place? It’s definitely a question or two worth pondering, especially for those of us who wonder about things like journey or destiny or coincidence or pure blessing. Five miles or so up from highway CO-82, on the winding curves of Capitol Creek Road in Snowmass, Colorado, a sign on the slight bend … Read more

Signs, Near Misses, and Change

“Signs may be but the sympathies of nature with man.” —Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre— Every September here in Colorado before the cold really begins to set in, the crickets seem to chorus louder than ever. Especially in the evenings, their noisy, rhythmic chirping indicates the end of one season before the start of the next. That slight chill in the air; that lowered tilt of the sun; that transformative color in the leaves all signal … Read more

Vision in the Forest

When I consider how my life is spent Ere half my days in this dark world and wide, —John Milton, “On his Blindness” Sometimes discovery comes in unexpected ways. In the White River National Forest of Colorado, at an elevation of more than 10,200 feet above sea level, the Braille/Discovery Trail welcomes all visitors, especially those who cannot see and those who cannot walk. Just off highway 82 below the grandeur and hair-raising curves of … Read more

Not Just a Puff of Air

A sigh is a sigh is a sigh. Happy ones and sad. Merriam Webster defines a sigh as an involuntary act especially when expressing an emotion or feeling; or the sound of gently moving or escaping air like wind sighing in the branches. It seems a sigh suffices quite well without words. What journeys forth in one exhaled breath could paint a masterpiece—each sigh brimming colors without the brushstrokes of the spoken word. Joy, grief, … Read more

The Casa

Near Camelback Mountain as the stone monk prays on his knees . . . a place thrives in the wilderness and fills the soul. During this time of Easter joy, I share my personal refuge where I always find beauty and renewal. Inside the sanctuary, when the light from the sun breaks through the vibrantly-hued glass, it washes over the viewer in a variety of colors. It’s something like being doused in the waters of … Read more

The Transcendent Power of a Beautiful Note

A beautiful note will journey to the deepest recesses of the human heart, if you allow it there when it arrives by surprise, or by intent. It might be hand-written characters on yellowed stationary, or the musical notes alighting the airwaves of sound, but somehow, at some moment, something meaningful casts a profound impact upon the tender territory of one’s very heart. That’s what happened recently in war-torn Kharkiv when a cellist set a stool … Read more

Figs and Grapes. Thornbushes and Brambles

When will every nation seek peace instead of conquest? We watch. We weep. We pray. The cities and countryside are under siege. The streets are without the normal melodies of life: music; children playing; lovers strolling; workers working; and simple day-to-day tasks like washing clothes, seasoning stew, reading mail. Obliteration. Bombs. Missiles. Tanks. Guns. Sacred worship spaces bereft. Restaurants empty. Homes ravaged. Timbers burned. Windows broken. Concrete crumbled. Steel twisted. Most disturbing is the assault … Read more


Hope emerges in the thick of winter, on this side of the winter solstice, when the sun starts to lengthen our daylight hours in the northern hemisphere. More light means greater visibility. More visibility means greater clarity. More clarity means greater inspiration. Even tightly closed buds on branches anticipate the bloom ahead. So what does your bloom look like in the cave of imagination when the season is still, perhaps, entrenched in a slow hibernation? … Read more

A Bright-faced Boy. A Majestic Stag.

In the span of a week, two encounters of the heart: one in a doctor’s office, the other in an open space park. A bright-faced boy. A Majestic Stag. The curly head of hair sailed past me on the floor across the tile, his artificial limb extended in front of him like a baseball player sliding into second base. The boy immediately popped up on his one good leg, lifted his below-the-knee prosthesis behind him, … Read more

Wonder and the Blustery Day

There’s one thing about this fall in the foothills outside Denver and the nearby higher elevations in towns like Evergreen or Conifer: leaves are holding tight to the branches in suspended shimmering animation. Snow comes late this year allowing for nature’s breathtaking mural of changing colors. And Wow! This lone aspen caught my attention among the surrounding green fir trees off a hiking trail days ago. The bright white column of bark, and the crown … Read more