More than a Heart of Stone

I found a heart rock today on my walk. It’s something I look for whenever I’m out in the trees. And there it was . . . sunlight on the curvature of its form. Ah, what an assuring gesture from nature’s treasure trove of delightful objects. I collect these stones as signs of hope and sometimes give them away. One of my all-time favorites had a fissure down the middle. God heals the brokenhearted is … Read more

Patches of Hope

The unhealed pain of disappointment, even destruction, can leave a seemingly open wound within a person or a place. We probably all have a wound or two in our personal landscapes that come to mind. One need only walk near the burnt trails in Rocky Mountain National Park to experience the great weight of disaster that occurred in that beloved wilderness last year. The charred landscape of the Cameron Peak Fire and East Troublesome Fire … Read more


What is it about reflection that takes us back with the added grace of discernment? Time often provides the space for acquiring understanding. And understanding, after all, is one of the sweetest virtues. So we celebrate Memorial Day and we remember. We remember those who have given their lives in service to our country. We remember those who are living and make daily sacrifices in the service to others. We remember those lost and forgotten. … Read more


When was the last time you were surprised, as in taken aback with wonder or delight or a bright splash of awe? For many, it happens less frequently on the path to adulthood. What before seemed miraculous may have somehow dwindled to the mundane. Remember those days after a rainy deluge when a worm on the sidewalk brought a certain fascination? Or, the way seeds flew into the wind from a spent dandelion in the … Read more


Sometimes a place draws a person in. Perhaps an essence of calm seems to welcome you from beyond exterior doors and beckons you farther into an interior chamber. That’s the feeling I remember about the old adobe mission church in the Barrio de Analco district of Santa Fe that is considered the oldest church in the continental United States. It’s been a couple of years since that visit, but I remember with affection and mystery … Read more

Those that Help Us

I’ve been stitching thread to cloth lately instead of words to paper. It’s a diversion, a distraction, in the middle of what weighs heavy. A summer dress fashioned to get my mind off the pandemic, power outages, ice storms, unemployment, isolation. . . . On the coldest day in Denver this year, I walked into a small health food grocery to purchase a rotisserie chicken, the kind of cookery that’s been seasoned and rotated perfectly … Read more

Listening to the Glistening Words

As January nears completion, I am struck by the timbre and tone of emotions shared by so many, including myself, who struggle to navigate our unsettling times. There’s a yearning for some basic frivolity, a longing for a brightness to alight the heart. Sometimes the just right words seem to float into the just right spaces at the just right times, and that’s what happened this month as I celebrated the glorious words of two … Read more

Of Simple Wonders

A corner cobweb shimmers slightly in the light from the window overhead. I look at that hazy tangle of dusty threads and pause. Perhaps there is something of value in that discarded spider weaving, in the clouded silk remnants of age. A spider’s silk after all is stronger than steel or Kevlar, with the ability to stretch far beyond its length. It is lightweight and impervious to cold. To my eyes, the fine filaments of … Read more


  It’s always a saving grace in my life when I long for light. Light illuminates what I cannot see. What I cannot see, I often misunderstand. And I’m not referring only to visual sight but sight of the heart. I long for the celestial sparkles in the night sky, the rise of brilliant sun every morning, and the deep heart-vision of Advent. As we inch into the darkening of day toward winter in the … Read more

A Little Joy!

A little bit of grace goes a long way in America. Take baseball and poetry, the World Series and the Nobel Prize for Literature. I venture to say there is definitely poetry in baseball and yes, there’s baseball in poetry. These two things I love…a good baseball game and a good poem. Congratulations to poet Louise Gl├╝ck, winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize for Literature and to the Los Angeles Dodgers, winner of the 2020 … Read more