The Transcendent Power of a Beautiful Note

A beautiful note will journey to the deepest recesses of the human heart, if you allow it there when it arrives by surprise, or by intent. It might be hand-written characters on yellowed stationary, or the musical notes alighting the airwaves of sound, but somehow, at some moment, something meaningful casts a profound impact upon the tender territory of one’s very heart. That’s what happened recently in war-torn Kharkiv when a cellist set a stool … Read more

Figs and Grapes. Thornbushes and Brambles

When will every nation seek peace instead of conquest? We watch. We weep. We pray. The cities and countryside are under siege. The streets are without the normal melodies of life: music; children playing; lovers strolling; workers working; and simple day-to-day tasks like washing clothes, seasoning stew, reading mail. Obliteration. Bombs. Missiles. Tanks. Guns. Sacred worship spaces bereft. Restaurants empty. Homes ravaged. Timbers burned. Windows broken. Concrete crumbled. Steel twisted. Most disturbing is the assault … Read more