Silver Bells or Silver Balls (from my holiday pantry to yours)

And you wonder why I hide things! Take the turkey baster I reached for one Thanksgiving only to find it dipped in motor oil in the garage. Or, take the tasty little bottles of orange extract, rum extract, or vanilla extract I found completely empty in my spice cupboard while I stood covered in flour and stranded in the middle of some holiday baking. “We used it to zest up our milk,” one of my children said proudly.

Or, how about the large baking potatoes launched out of my sons’ homemade potato canon? Then there was the white vinegar and baking soda that went amiss in my pantry as small explosions in plastic water bottles went off in the backyard. Are you getting the picture?

That is why I placed 6 dozen baked chocolate chip cookies in a large Tupperware© container into the cave of my cold, dark oven. Surely, a safe place I assured myself. Of course, it was my fault when I preheated the oven the next day without thinking and opened the oven door to the plastic magma of Tupperware© and chocolate chips.

Does anyone remember those tiny, hard-candy silver balls used to decorate cookies? Years ago the silver balls on my batch of delights had somehow turned white in the night. I was stumped. How did this happen? It all made sense when one of the child-elves in my house  ‘fessed up to sucking the silver coating off each ball and returning them to the dented frosting on each cookie.

Ah, the confessions (I mean confections) are endless. My children are grown now, but those baking memories are still so vividly fresh and yes, sweetened with time.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May this special season be filled with joy (and maybe a few surprises!)

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