To Where?

It’s been a rough summer.

Worldwide Pandemic. Racial & Social Injustice. Wildfires. Storms. Drought. Poverty. Environmental Decimation. Isolation.

Where to go from here?

We wear masks. We keep our distance. We isolate into spaces of non-contaminated breath. We speak out. We weep. We hope. We pray.

Oh, for the grace of healing to our fractured states: mind, body, soul.

I have to think our current situations are bigger and also smaller than what we perceive. World history has had its share of grief, after all. Our wars on each other, for example, have impacted life throughout the ages. The universe has witnessed the spin of destruction all too often upon this bluegreen sphere we call home, and yet humanity has managed to survive amidst world wars, plagues, genocide, nuclear holocaust, and world hunger to name a few. We are fragile and we are broken. We have obliterated entire plant and animal species from our ecosystems. We have damaged or destroyed human lives in the justification of a myriad of tainted rationalizations.

And yet the sun continues to dawn on the horizon each new subsequent day and depart in the arc of closure as it sets each evening.

Perhaps we should reset our course in line with the rhythms of the natural world and the Creator of that natural world…

…to rise again in the renewal of what is good and what is just and what is kind and what is beautiful. Perhaps we will find our strength to endure and to flourish in the longing of our souls, in the journey back to God and to Love.

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